Water in my YZ450 2010

I took water in through my air filter. Seized motor, but oil looked good. Pulled spark plug and flipped bike upside down to drain water, also changed oil. Bike started! Yay! But now I have grey milky oil and have changed about five times already... My question is, any tricks out there to get water out of oil??? Also, is there any other possible damage? Clutch plates perhaps???

How long have you run each of these 5 oil changes?


Sounds like you still have water getting into your oil.

HI grayracer, sorry the delayed response... Have a 6 month old daughter. Haha. Yes I definately had some water, did twelve oil changes so far. Ran for ten or fifteen mins for the first five changes, and ran longer with each oil change after that. Also but a couple ounces of transmission fluid in the first few oil changes, as atf is a dessicant. Bike runs great, however, milkiness is gone but oil is still grayish. Almost looks fibery or gritty. So I will be replacing clutch fibers, and continue changing oil frequently... Does this sound like a good plan? Or do you have suggestions? Winter is coming, and I want this issue resolved before I put it into hibernation. Thanks gray

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