Looking for Hot Engine Start Tricks

Last Sunday I raced my new 2002 YZ426 and killed the motor in some stadium style whoops. It took about six kicks to get it started and I lost a lot of positions. I had even pulled the hot start button out. Are there any jetting (pilot jet???) tricks or other ideas to help the hot start process. I live in the St Louis area and have stock jetting with the fuel mixture screw 2 1/2 turns out.

For the second moto I turned up the idle and was able to win the +40 class second moto. I love the bike if I could just keep it running!

Does an add on flywheel help the motor stalls???

I'm just South of you and run stock jetting with the fuel screw out 1 1/2 turns. Mine starts first kick with the hot start(and a good HARD kick). A flywheel weight will help with stalling, but might take the edge off of the "hit". I would think a MXer would want the "hit". You could gear it down (if the track will support it). I'm running 13/49 (woods) and it is much harder to stall than with the stock 14/49.

After a stall my '01 typically starts right away if I pull the hot start before I do anything, even before you kick it around to TDC.

Also be sure your idle is up high enough. If you get it right it will be high enough to make it pretty difficult to stall, but won't affect your engine braking. Hope this helps..

My 01 was hard to start after a stall or fall,(when it was new.)It now has about 15-20 hrs. on it and is much easier to start.I learned it helps to hold the front master cylinder instead of the throttle when picking the beast up or trying to kick it over.You might not think so,but when you hold on to the throttle your wrist is ever so slightly twisting,and squirting unwanted fuel into your motor. Next time you see a guy kicking his brains out on a four stroke,check it out I bet his right hand will be on the throttle.Hope this helps. after going from 10th to 40th 200 feet before the checkered flag I know how you feel

The hot start circuit is there to lean the mixture out during hot restarts. If yours isn't operating well, it could be a rich pilot circuit (assuming you're not blipping the throttle during hot restarts). Try turning your fuel screw in 1/2 a turn at a time and see if it gets any easier on hot restarts. Keep in mind if you get decel popping that you've gone too lean (maybe). If you end up going in to more than 1.5 turns out total that you should probably go down one pilot jet size and start over. Good luck!

Stock set up with the screw more than 1 3/4 out sounds a little rich to me. I had the same problem with stalling until I turned my idle up a bit. Becareful in turning it up, too much will exacerbate your issue with hot starting.

Never mind...I misread a post. :)

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I can start my bike without the hot start button 9 out of 10 times. Either after a stall or fall. I always give it one kick and the 1 time it doesnt start out of 10 times, I then pull the hot start.

I never use the hot start button, even if i ride for a 3 hours, stop my bike and start it again.

If i said never, i really mean... i just pull it out when i buy it, and just to see if it works.

Thanks guys for the tips! I will try adjusting the fuel screw a little to see if that helps and I got in on the Dr D Hot Start purchase so that will also help me get started faster. I have short legs so the lay of the land also affects how full of a kick I can get.

If you read any thread on starting yzfs, you will find that every bike is unique in its starting requirements. My 426 requires the hot start pulled out EVERY time it is started, except initial cold starting....then it requires the choke pulled out. Others never need to pull the hot start, and never need the choke. The key is finding what works for your bike and your situation. There is a vast difference in altitude, and all atmospheric conditions, across this great land we live in. I guess I really didn't offer any help to you though.


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