Tire size...AAAARRRRRGGGG!!!!!!!

110/100x19 What does each nember mean and what are the units? I know that the 19 is the rim size, but what about the others.

110 centimeter wide, 100 percent of width in profile. At least that's the way they did it when I sold tires 25 years ago.

And they still do it that way now.....

Just be aware that not all tires are sized the same.

Someone like Tuner likely knows more about this than me, but I have noticed that, especially for rear tires, Pirellis, for example, of the same numerical size are visibly smaller than the "same" size Dunlop.

I once received a very good explanation for why this is, in fact it was such a reasonable and logical explanation that I immediately forgot what it was.

Whatever they mean, go with the 120 for your replacement tire. I went with the 120 Dunlop 756 - it rips!

Thanks guys.

Yeah, I love the M12s too...they call it 'Euro' sizing!!! Like a centimeter is different over there than it is here...I still don't get it...

Anyway, ShawnMc got it right...



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