Powercore Repacking on 03 WR450

I could use some tips to get an older FMF powercore muffler apart for repacking.  I've taken the bolts out of the muffler near the head pipe, but I cannot figure out where to tap on the muffler to get the it apart.  The videos that I've watched shows holding the muffler in a vise and using the rear mounting bracket as the surface to tap with a hammer to get it apart.  My muffler is the older style that does not have an attached rear mounting bracket.  It has the clamp style that is a separate part, to I don't really have a good surface to use to tap the muffler apart.  Should I be drilling the rivets out of the back of the muffler and pull the core out from that end?  Or should I try using a flat screw driver or a chisel on the lip of the muffler near the head pipe?

Don't drill it out mine was a bitch to pull apart but after some pissed off words it all worked out...one thing that I did find out is that the silicone that there use was a good one because that's all that was holding that pig on lol...I too didn't have a vice I just huge the shit out of it and hit it a lot of times

where were you hitting it to get the muffler apart?  Were you just hitting it to break the silicone lose?

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