Bottom end rebuild, mystery dowl pin

I'm rebuilding a wr450 motor. I went to put the oil pump pick up back in and I had two dowl pins in the zip lock bag with the strainer.... Anyone have a clue where the 2nd one goes? I found a spot in the opposite side case half but it doesn't show there being one in the manual.



It fits here next to the one with the o ring but I don't think that's where it goes.


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Figured it out, goes to the oil pump*

Now, figure out that there's a separate WR450 forum?

Didn't figure it was really that big of a deal but I'll stop posting in the yz section since you asked me real nice ;)

Most engine stuff wouldn't matter, but when you start monkeying with the electric system, fine tuning and such, that's where the difference will benefit you. 


There's a whole stack of work-arounds and tricks just for WR's that not many on this side would know about.

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