What a great day in Phoenix!

Last weekend I was asked by my wife to drive 1,000 miles to pick up a set of furniture from our in-laws. Then turn around and haul them back. Take up an entire weekend during prime spring riding season? Are you kidding? That sounds terrible.

So I was thinking, if I have to drive the truck down and get a trailer to haul the furniture, why not take my bike down? There has to be some good riding down there in the desert. But where?

Through ThumperTalk I contacted frequent poster named SingleTracker500 and asked if he could show me some desert riding. What a great use for the internet and these forums – turn a dreadful weekend with the in-laws into a blast!

John (“SingleTracker”) was an incredible guide and riding companion. He took me to an area north of the city on federal lands that had an almost endless assortment of trails. Not your leisurely bike-path kind of stuff, but real challenging, sandy, rocky tight stuff. Oh and by the way, those funny looking trees down there, don’t hit them. They’re cactuses! Ouch! They certainly provide a different kind of risk that I’m used to here in Colorado. I was expecting these wide open, pinned in fifth, kind on trails. These were really nothing like that.

It was a great day. Cool by Phoenix standards – only in the mid eighties. We ran into only a few other riders on the trail, did some chatting, told people about the site and wished them well.

I was riding like a fool first thing in the morning. I was wearing brand new Vectors and I figured they were messing with my mind. Then at one point, John asked “How much air are you running?” Then it dawned on me. I had dropped 5,000 feet in altitude and hadn’t adjusted the air in my tires. I was probably running with 20+ pounds! The old scooter doesn’t run so well in the sand with that much air! After adjustments, I was hanging a little closer. I think John was also still slowing down for me though. He saw me shrugging in fear as I rounded switch backs completely surrounded by thorns! You would need complete body armor if you missed s turn.

We ended up riding 30 or 40 miles of single track. I got back home around 2:00 and still had time to socialize enough before heading north. John’s quick tour made all the difference in an otherwise wasted weekend! Thanks again man and please call whenever you come by Denver.

As I mentioned earlier, what a wonderful service these boards provide. I highly recommend anyone traveling to lookup riders on the boards and ask if you should bring the bike along. And, for any of you heading to Phoenix, you really should drop SingleTracker a note – great guy, great guide.


Jake! You bastard! How dare you go to Phoenix without me!

Oh, that's right. You did ask me to go but I HAD TO WORK.

Glad you had a great time. Evertime I ride with ThumperTalkers, it's like we are old friends and we have a blast!


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You are not alone when you say this is a great place to meet other riders and find new places to ride. My experience here has always been pleasant. I have met some of the nicest and talented people here on TT.

It's funny, my regular riding buddies will ask me who the new guy(s) are and how I know them. I'll say "I never met them in person before, but we met on the internet". At first, I would get some strange looks, but now it's expected that I will have someone new with me, and by the end of the first loop you would think everyone had known each other for years. Way cool!

I'm glad you got to experience the desert. There's nothing quite like it, and it's not always what one would expect.

Many thanks to Bryan!

Now if I just had the time to ride more often with all the new friends I've made…

I'm glad I got to help put a little excitement into you trip to Phoenix Jake. You're always welcome to ride with me anytime you're in the area.

The internet is a great place to meet new riders. Most of the guys I ride with now, I met through BB's. Plus, I've met and rode with at least 75 guys from all over the country. I've gotten to ride in the trees with most of them in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Illinois. And this year, I've had a constant flow of people coming out here to ride. It's all been great fun. :)

BTW Jake, I may just take you up on a ride in your area one of these days.



00 CR500AF


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Jake, man that sounds great. I can't wait to get into the desert again.

I've also had the pleasure to ride with John on a couple of ocassions, excellent trail guide and rider(good after ride refreshments also). The jumping cactus are the worse, nothing like getting roosted by a ball of needles. I was under the same thinking as Jake, lot's of WFO trails flat desert, to say the least I was very wrong. Can't wait to get back down that way again, it's some excellent riding with an excellent guide.


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