Hungry Valley MX 3-03

Hey h_bomb, or anyone else interested in going to HV this weekend let me know. I'll be there Sunday morning. Look for the YZ426 with yellow backgrounds and #41s. Stop by and say Hi :)

I thought you were going Saturday Cliff,Im trying to go somewhere either LACR and pay my membership fee or HV,Iwill let you know Thursday.I got that Ride engineering steel braided front brake kit Im really impressed on how it looks and performs its 100 bucks ? :)

h bomb,

Hope you can make it Sunday....should be a good group of guys out there. Couldn't get out of a previous engagement, so I had to change to Sunday.

I just received the bracket from Ride Engineering the other day (already had the brake line). At Anaheim III I saw the bracket on a bike and then talked to the rep., that's when I decided to buy one. Looks like a clean setup ! Hopefully I'll have it ready for Sunday.

Hope to see ya Sunday !

PS...I think (not sure) LACR is having a GP this weekend, so Saturday will probably be REALLY crowded.

Cliff I will be there Sunday same time same spot,I still havent gotten my decalworks back grounds,let me know if your still going.

h bomb,

Glad you can make it ! Still on for Sunday. I may park more towards the middle of the parking area because it sounds like a bunch of guys will be trying to meet. Either way, I'll be looking for ya.

C-Ya Sunday,


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