Anyone know how to make a spark arrestor for a YZ silencer?

I've looked into past forums on spark arrestors, and it seems that the only way to get a YZ silencer to be “trail” approved is to buy a spark arrestor kit from PMB or somewhere similar.

My questions is- has anyone ever made a spark arrestor? It appears that all I need to do is drill out the rivets on the silencer, and insert a conical shaped heavy duty metal screen into the end, push the cap back on, and screw it all down tight.

Has anyone ever done this or made their own spark arrestor another way?

I’d appreciate any suggestions on this,

DD :)

ya i made a spark arrester for my '99 YZ400. see my dad had on old pipe from a wr 426 and i looked at the spark arrester in that. as it turns out, the spark arrester from that would fit perfect over my end cap if i did some jimmy riggin'(cutting the spark arrester out of the end cap). it works but it doesnt look the best.

now i dont know if this is any use for you, but thats how i made mine.

Any kind if fine mesh screen would probably work. But I'm not sure if that would pass muster by a forest ranger or LEO. Usually they are looking for a "Forestry Service Approved" spark arrestor. The one you make may work as well as or better than a USFS approved SA, but there's no way for you to prove it to officials.

I think by law it must say "US forest service approved" or it won't fly.


Although I've never been stopped while riding in a national forest, from my enduro days i remember that the forest ranger will try to poke a stick down the exhaust before the race. If it goes in a certain distance, you obviously dont have the spark arrestor in place and they wont let you race.

It seems to me that they dont go looking for any sort of visible stamp on the exhaust system, but rely on the "stick test" I mentioned. I could be wrong, but it seems that as long as there is a screen of some sort (with a large enough mesh to minimally restrict airflow), then thats all they're worried about.

Is this not correct?

I concur with those who said it needs to say forestry approved on it. There is someone on Ebay selling the Pro-Billet one for $69.95 (usually goes for $119).

Pike- I just looked and cant find it. Can you provide the link or the keyword please? I might even jump on that one, thanks for the tip.


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