New guy 09 450f couple ?

Hello all, after ten years of being out of the game I got the itch again last bike I had was brand new cr450f. I just picked up a mint 09 yz450f for a good deal. It's taking time and a few bruises but it's coming back to me. Anyways I bought a service manual for a 06 yzf450 used at a bookstore will everything in that manual be correct for a 09? The only thing I noticed really different was swing arm. But as far as engine specks and valve clearances etc, will it be the same?

Was researching flywheel weight think I might do that any recommendations seems like I kill it a lot could just be rusty. And I need new tires really bad, I lose traction a lot mostly woods riding, some mx and hard dirt grass pastures in Nebraska what ya recommend?


Most of the info is the same in the manual. Swingarm, cams, cdi unit, exhaust, brake rotors, and a few other small parts had updates.


I personally skip the flywheel weight, work on throttle control instead of de-tuning my bike.


Dunlop mx51/mx32 make a great rear

The flywheel weight WILL NOT "detune" the bike.  To be honest, it doesn't help a really great deal with stalling, either, but it will actually improve the smoothness of very low speed operation and pulling power, as well as increase the bite you get right off the bottom.  Side by side on pavement, you couldn't tell the difference.  IMO, the bike should have been built with a considerably heavier flywheel than it was.


One of the best fixes for stalling (short of an auto clutch) is to get the pilot circuit correctly dialed in so that it IS LEAN ENOUGH to idle down properly without dropping below idle on sudden throttle closings and such.  Too many people get crazy with trying to either get instant throttle response under any condition, or in trying to eliminate any and all decel popping, and end up with a dirty running engine that falls back to idle way too quickly.

I ordered mx52 front rear Dunlop hopefully I like em tires I have now suck

I added the 9oz gytr flywheel to mine. It made it way better on gnarly trails with no real negative side effects. I think it was less than $100 through Rocky Mountain atv

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