Exhaust. Worth the money?

Just got the 2016 model and am entertaining the idea of an exhaust like fmf or yoshimura. But at 650 to 900 dollars there better be a big performance gain, which doesnt really seem to be the case from the little ive read. Are these things just expensive bling? Or do they really make a difference. Opinions please.


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You can get them cheaper under 500 if you shop around, but I would get the suspension dialed in first, sprung for your weight and or revalved, the stock tires suck too and if you trail ride rekluse is great, Dr.D is the exhaust I'd go with

Some bikes come stock with restricted exhausts and can really benefit from an aftermarket pipe. I don't believe the current YZ450 falls into that category.

Other then weight savings, the YZF has plenty of power and I doubt you would reap the rewards...

Bought my full Dr.d on Craig's list for $250. At that price I couldn't pass it up. But for $600 I'd spend the money some where els.

not worth the money

The best money you can spend to make your bike faster is to have your suspension set up for your weight, riding style, and type of riding.


Money spent on exhaust has a pretty poor return on investment.

Yeah, always heard how suspension is #1 priority. But I also keep hearing how good stock yamaha suspension is too.. And it does feel good so far. Feels real good. I may have to go up on the spring rate. Im weighing in at 205 currently, but hope to loose another 10. But so far its been soaking everything up. Including some 60-70 foot doubles.

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