Is this the FI tool?

Is this the proper tool to adjust CO?

How important is it to adjust CO? Wit the comp ecu my bike starts in about a second....


looks correct, I got it from here (check the price)


CO adjustment is paramount to get your EFI WR to start in gear hot or cold.

Stock idle setting was wayy too rich for me (europe, 500 ft above sea level)



Its starts in gear just fine hot or cold. What else does it affect aside from starting?

Well, if she starts fine in gear WITH E-START,

then you can save the money ans spend it on a power tuner.  :devil:


The only other use that tool might have is to read fault codes from the ECU.

Never heard of anyone who NEEDED that feature, mind you.

It's nice for adjusting the TPS sensor but that can be done with a multimeter instead.

Is there anyone living on the western slope of Colorado who has this tool that would let me use it to adjust the CO on my bike? Maybe for a small fee?


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