Rekluse clutch on a double duty YZ?

I ride a 2009 YZ450f and it does double duty as a street SM and a Dirt bike. What are issues/concerns with running a rekluse clutch on the street? I have this posted in the supermoto discussion also but have not garnered a response yet, so I thought I'd ask here also.

Your biggest concern in running a Rekluse on the road would be whether you spend any time cruising at or near the range of RPM in which the clutch is less than completely engaged.  If you run at speeds low enough to significantly reduce the clamping force, it will slip and cause wear. 

I can't imagine being in a situation on the street or a track that I would be cruising at a speed where slipping would happen. I don't commute on my YZ in street trim so traffic isn't an issue.

The issue i'm trying to alleviate is stalling in tight single track.

Put a heavier flywheel on it. Send the carb to Zipty and get it fully moded especially the emulsion tube mod.

I wouldn't ride with a rekluse on the street. I do however use a Hinson slipper clutch which does help to not chatter the rear wheel while downshifting on pavement.

I'm convinced that my clutches last longer with my exp. I been riding Hare Scrambles and Enduros in the midwest, and riding a gear higher than normal to allow less wheel spin on logs and rocks. I have 8 H/S and 4 Enduros and trail riding this year, have not even adjusted my exp on my KTM. I ride a 3-4 hr enduro and never touch the clutch lever. Also have had one in my MX bike YZ450 since the exp came out and still on the clutch I put in with the exp several years ago. I am normally a sceptic but I won't own a bike with out one now.

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