needle question

I have a BRP that is 99% uncorked I have done everything but moved the clip on the needle, it runs great so I didnt want to mess with it, my question is what difference will putting the clip on the 3rd position make? Should I buy the Honda performance needle. The needle is in the stock position right now. Does this give the bike more low end hit? Thanks :)

If your using the stock needle you should put it in the 4th clip position. I think it will help the midrange. I didn't buy the performance needle because I figured I was going to end up getting Edelbrock carb sooner or later. I ordered the carb last week and I'm still waiting on it. I can't wait to get it. :)

Moving the clip up drops the needle down lower, which in turn leans out the mid range. Moving the clip down raises the needle, which in turn enrichens the mid range. It's great to experiment with things like this because you may find your bike runs better with certain jets or a certain needle position. Don't forget that the different ciruits in the carb have overlap and you may have to make changes in another circuit (i.e. pilot or main jet) to improve the transition from changes in the needle, but not always. There is no hard & fast rule that guarantees all bikes will run exactly the same in all applications even if they have the same jetting, so experimenting is a good thing to do and a very good learning experience as well. As long as you're not doing something radically different like dropping the main jet a dozen sizes and running WOT only to find out you're running too lean, you'll be fine. Just make small changes if you want to play around and you'll 'fee' the difference soon enough. Your built in seat of the pant dyno will often tell you if you're making things better or worse. Changing the needle clip position by one clip will do no harm, but you'll know soon enough if it helped you out or not.

put it in the 4th position I should have done this a while back, seems much crisper and more responsive also helped out with the bottom, snapping from idle it leaps rather than kinda leaped. Very glad I did it, I didnt want to at first because the bike ran great and imo anytime you alter things that gives it a chance for something to happen, dirt in carb, stripped bolts, o ring damaged, most problems that I have come accross are from changing things on the bike or when other people try to modify the heck out of things, Its all uncorked and it rips and it it will every week of the year when I ride it every week of the year, I love hondas!!!

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