Watchout when buying enjoy graphics from ebay...have I been screwed?

I will first start by saying that if I end up getting the graphics I bought, I will gladly rescend part of this post. However, I bought them 15 days ago. The communication on luckydevil's end has been nil. I've even called expecting him to let me know what was going on. It's been 2 days, and still no word. All I got was, "yeah, were really not sure what's happend...we had some things returned from UPS that were damaged....maybe that was your order". I just wanted to put this out there as a warning because these enjoy graphics look tempting at $35. I did check his recent feedback, and it looks like he's had 5-6 negatives in the past 4 months. All complaints about sucky communication and not receiving the graphics. So, warning to all. I even told him out of courtesy I called to see what was up before flaming him with negative feedback. Still, no communication on his end.

I know some of us have gotten good service from this guy (I think ego bought the same graphics I've been trying to get...Red, Black, Blue Yamaha symbol tank and shroud graphics)

Again, if he makes it right, I will rescend some of this. But, this kind of crap is what makes people nervous about purchasing off of ebay. This is also the first time that I've had a bad experience from ebay. I've got paypal investigating now. I will let everyone know how it turns out.

Sorry about the bad luck, but I do appreciate the heads up. Best of luck, I hope you do get to rescend :)

Is this a TT Member too?

I had the exact same experience!!!I ordered 2 sets of graphics from him for a YZ 125 and 250.I paid for them right after the auction ended and waited 2 weeks.No graphics kits had come in yet so I sent him an email to which there was no response.I let it go 1 more week and than,Weary of the dispute deadline.Requested his phone number.I called and left a message on his machine and let it go about another week to still no response.I finally filed a dispute with Paypal and about 4 days later there were 2 graphics kits at the post office with"Rush Delivery" Written all over them.I dropped the dispute and than went into Ebay to leave negative feedback for him stipulating that although I did receive the graphics.It was 4 weeks after and there was no communication after the purchase.I signed on ebay a few days later and found that he had given me negative feedback and put in the description that,"Answered all emails" and in the other one "Took 2 weeks to pay".This of course is entirely untrue and it contrasts well with all my other feedback of"Good buyer,Fast Payment!!" I only have about 14 feedback rating now as it is because I just started using ebay. I was trying to get 100% positive feedback and was careful that I only bid on what I could pay for.Now because of that jerk I have 2 negative feedbacks from the same seller and my feedback score went down a full point.I would be very weary of purchasing from LuckyDevil and would instead go through the enjoy MFG store next time.Let this be a warning to anyone thinking of buying a graphics kit from him.

I also think that Ebay should implement some sort of system so that the seller should have to leave feedback right after payment is received.It's bullshit that I should have to lie about my experience with luckydevil,Just so that I can get good feedback in return!!

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