Pressure in tank from kickstarting ?

Craziest thing happened the other day I have a 02 yz426 motard and was riding hard shut it down to get a drink and figure out next spot to ride to went to fire it back up and every time I kicked it over pressure was building in gas tank enuff to shoot gas out of breather tube bike would not start just kept building pressure push started multiple times then finally about to give up and one last kick she fires up anyone have any idea why it was building pressure in tank from carb checked all vent lines on carb and were all clear was the strangest thing and rode fine all the way home

Just realized I posed in wr section ment to be in yz section

replace the vent on your fuel tank and I would be surprised if it happened again

No I pulled the one way valve off and every time I would kick it it would squirt gas out the vent tube on gas tank something was causing preasure in the tank itself I think it justvapor locked or something cloged vent in carb

It may have jumped timming the compression is blowing back through the carb Had a four wheel do this

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