Need help with clutch on new wr450f

Hey guys having some problems with the clutch on my bike its a pretty much brand new 2015 wr450f. When selecting 1st it stalls out even with some revs and wont even kick over when in gear. The bike now has 350km on it and has had its 3rd service. 1st at 1 hr and second at 300km. Oil is full synthetic 10w50. The problems been happening since 1st ride and ive been adjusting the cable to fix it but now its fully adjusted out and still grabs hard. Anybody else on here had these problems ?

This is normal, especially when cold.

The clutch drags, period.

Most dirtbike clutchs drag, but the WR line drags even more.

You start in neutral, then 'blip' the throttle before putting it in gear, and then it won't stall.


If you have removed all but 1/8" of free play from the cable, and the motor is hot, it will typically start in gear, but not well, and not advised, as it will put undo wear on the starter motor and starter clutch.


You can purchase a higher pull-ratio lever to help it to disengage farther, but the clutch pull with then be harder.

Didn't have any such problems on my 2014. Not that it probably matters but I don't use synthetic. I use yamalube 10w40 or some equivalent and change it often.

I suggest you to change oil. Not problem at all with my 2012 with castrol power racing 4t 10w50 (fully synthetic ).



hi this is not an uncommon problem, I have had sticking clutch plates over the years in various bikes. 

is an easy fix get you bike warmed up take it for a ride, if it stalls when you put in gear push it a little jump on and knock into first.

get the revs up a little and if clutch wont disengage start applying front brake while you keep revs up at same time working clutch lever in and out

when it disengages (and it will) slip it a little like your ridding the clutch this will help burn the crap of your plates.

then while its still warm drain your oil and replace with something like Yamalube lube semi synthetic

Yamaha designed yamalube for these bikes and a lot of people make the mistake of what's the most expensive oil I can run in my bike.

yes top grade oil has additives in it to protect you engine but a lot are not designed

for high performance wet clutches

if you change oil say every 10 hours (and that's way b4 needed but that's what I do) I bet you don't have a prolbame

I just bought my first 2015 wr450f yesterday and noticed the same thing. Started it up cold and within a few seconds was just gunna ride it around my neighborhood for a sec but kept stalling out when I put it in first gear. I adjusted the slack out of the clutch a tad more, and blipped it and it was fine. Glad it's normal. This bike is a lot different then my DRZ400sm. Gotta start researching on all the ins and outs to do.

My 12 would grab when I first would put the bike in gear till it broke it was broken in. Also I had started out with the 50weight oil and when I switched to a thinner oil that helped get rid of the "stickiness" as well.

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