2015 yz450f major issue

Thanks for posting this thread. helped me fix my 16yz450fx with only 22hrs on it.  It was the pressure sensor on the throttle body on mine also. part # 2C0-82380-00-00.

Check your TPS you could have a dead zone. (throttle position sensor)

I didn't read the piles of post so I don't know if you checked for fixed issue yet so please save the drama everyone. Anyhow sometimes when you have a faulty TPS you can open and close the throttle (bike off) fast about 20 to 30 times then start the bike up and it will "act" better slightly for a moment or two... This is how I often diagnose these fast before checking with meter.

was it the pressure sensor on the TB? Part #2C0-82380-00-00?  Mine sounds just like yours and want to try that sensor


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