WR450 stalling problem.

Hi guys. I need some help with my bike, can't figure out the problem. WR450f 2005

My bike starts up fine, also the idling is right. But when i go on a straight (300m or so) and when i give it gas and go really fast (3rd or 4th gear) the bike just starts to die, or stall. Almost like it's running out of petrol.

And this only happens when i really give it alot of gas. It also happens when i ride slow (2nd gear) and keep on going for like 3miles or so. Then it does the same.

And then the bike would not start. I have to wait like 5-6 minutes.

Help will much appreciated!


it could be a number of things, start with the easiest first, is your air cleaner in good condition, then I would look at if its sucking air in from somewhere it shouldn't.

it could be a loose seal around your air cleaner system or on the outlet exhaust system side.

a easy way to test is get you bike warmed up and spray a little wd40 or start you bastard as we call it In Australia or some spray that is highly flammable.

around the carbie and exhaust outlet don't soak it just a tiny squirt of mist .

if the engine revs higher when you do this you know you have a air leak in your system .

hope this helps

Open the gas cap and look at the tank filter for clogging

Pull the hose from the carb and check the fuel flow. The petcock can get messed up with rubber bits from the gasket.

Check you carb vent tubes for partial or complete clogging. A clogged vent will prevent the  bowl from filling with fuel.

Beyond that, you will need to do a full carb service

You might see if the problem can be cured simply by loosening the gas cap (inoperative vent, or the one-way valve in the vent line blocked or installed backward). 

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