Yz 450f

What year would be a good year for me to buy a yz 450 I just got rid of a crf 450x and looking to get a 450 for hare scrambles and was thinking yz

'06 or '07 are my favorite overall.

Practically the same suspension as the brand new models, with a more agressive motor and really neutral handling.

Tons and tons of tuning advice for those models. 

The '09 is the most refined version of the Gen2 bike, although I prefer the cams and CDI combo on the '06.  Easier to fix that than it it is to rework the chassis, which is where the real improvements on the '08-'09 models were.  


If fuel injection is more interesting, go for anything from '12 up.  The first couple of models of the Gen3 underwent a lot of minor tweaking before the '12 came out, and again, same basic thing, but more refined and worked out.  


The fuel tank position and air box layout on the EFI bikes makes oversized tanks a little more difficult to execute, but there are some pretty good ones out now.  

Thanks guys I ended up buying the 09 looks great and seems to be a real nice bike compared to my 450x. Now I'm wondering what kind of oils and filters I should run in it


AIr filters? Clean ones. Every ride.  The air box on the '06-'09 is a dirty place. Use good, sticky filter oil like Maxima FFT.


Oil?  Top tier synthetics blended specifically for use in motorcycle engines that share engine oil with the gearbox, or have have been proven able to stand up to such use.  10w-40 most of the time, 20w-50 when it stays over 95 degrees all the time. 


Oil filters? Every oil change, which, depending on the oil you choose, should be anywhere from every 8 hours down to as little as every two. I use a Scotts.

I also just bought a good used 09, so far loving it!


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