Attention Canadian T-Talkers

There is an upcoming trail ride in the Northumberland Forest near Coburg Ont. on Sunday May 20th.It is part of the national Kawasaki trail ride series and everyone is welcome.I have ridden a few of these events and I can honestly say that they are mint! It is a great opportunity to ride the best trails in an area that you might not otherwise know about.It is completely worry free,all you have to do is follow the arrows.The courses are generally about 100km long,with a variety of terrain and difficulty. They have sweep riders and even provide a gas stop @ the 1/2 way point for all the guys riding thirsty two-strokes.(bring your own gas can w/your name clearly marked on it).For full details on this and other rides check out the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders website

Did you go to the Beagle Bash? It was a good ride. I'm going to the Hare Scrambles at Motopark instead. A lot of trail rides are the same day as the hare scrambles this year I noticed. I wonder if thats intentional?

No-I didn't make the Beagle Bash,I've been really busy with this new house that I bought this spring,I haven't even started my bike yet this year. :) I don't think the Kawi rides conflict with the H/S series on purpose,there's just not enough weekends in our season not to have event conflicts.Two years ago the fall Ganny ride ran on the same day and the same course as the final National Enduro.The trail ride started shortly after the race,the trail was well roosted, but awesome with lots of freshly cut single-track.I'm going to wake the blue beast up tonight or tomorrow and hopefully make it to the Coburg ride,which could very well be my first ride this year- that ought to be interesting!

I will be at the Northumberland ride this year since it is a lot closer for me than to go up toi Moto Park for the National Hare Scramble and most of the guys in my class are way faster than me. With all the fast guys there I will be able to dominate at the trail ride.

By the way there is a trail ride tomorrow as part of the Mini Pine.


Where do you plan on riding around Grand Bend? I have a cottage just down the road in Bayfield and have found some good trails around there but they are doing some logging and have things all chewed to sh-t right now. If you want to try something different than the Ganny, St.Williams or Turkey Point are great places to ride. I have ridden years ago around Ipperwash but havent been there in a long time. I'm going to the Hare Scrambles at Motopark this weekend.

Hey Guys: How does the Northumberland forest compare to Ganaraska or Raglan? Any other decent spots in the area not listed on OFTR? I am going to Grand Bend for the trails, dunes & partying. Great spot if your up for the drive.


I'm heading up to Ferguson Lake this weekend from PA for a little fishing. How far is this ride from there? I'd be tempted to take the bike for a long truck ride.



Ipperwash! Same neighbourhood as this spot. Got caught riding there last year by some gun toting natives. What an adventure that was. Stay off the reserve if you can't out run buckshot!

The place we ride is just outside Grand Bend on the west side in a small place called Northville. Drive down the main street in Grand Bend from Exeter, follow it straight thru approx 5-10 mins. You are looking for a gas station on the left hand side called "Northville GoCo". It is a 2 pump 2 bay garage run by a really cool old fella named Bud. Directly across the street is an abandonded house that is the entrance. Park in front of the house. Go across the street, fill up your bikes & over tip the attendant to watch you vehicle. There is a path leading into the forest on the left side of the house. This path leads to some great jumps/trails/hills and a fair size dune-pit. If you cross ashphalt your prob. on the reserve. Flag me down if you ever see @ WR flying by!


How is the Moto Park?

Nick: Not sure where Ferguson lake is. Alot of yanks spend the summer in Grand Bend/not too far from the border. Follow the directions on the last post & come down for a ride with us. We will be there every afternoon until Tues.


I just checked mapquest... and it would be a 6 hour drive from Perth. Sorry I'm not up to that after an eight hour drive from PA to Perth.

Thanks AnyWays


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Nick: Perth is near Ottawa. Check for riding sites in that area.


Rookie wrench, I'm in Montreal, will try your area Canada day weekend. Ride '99 YZ400. My trailer will be up by then.

Hugh: You should look into rentng a place as Grand Bend is a great spot to party after a day of riding.

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