well, i havent posted much in the last couple months (probably due to the 18inches of snow on the ground and lack of biking being done) however, spring is coming. Just wondering where the cheapest place to buy teraflex tires is, i am going to need a 140/80/18. Also, any recommendations for the front? its not too bad, but now is the time to do it. none of my local bike dealers have even heard of interco, and my 4x4 shops didnt know they made a bike tire. Any help is appreciated, JR

Just for the record, The pig is done in snow over 15inches deep, unless you go really fast.


I sent this to FTD via a PM earlier in the week.

Ref: Teraflex

I bought mine through Chapparal Motorsports. I looked for a web page advertising these tires but could not find one.

You could call to check:

mail order center at 800-841-2960. Hours of operation are M-TH 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, F 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, S-S 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

However, I found another Tera-Flex tire site that has dealer locator help.



This is a big tire. I had to remove the plastic mudguard and add an "Outerwear" shock cover. Bought this at my local Honda dealership. Commonly used for ATVs, so I found it in the ATV section.

I am runnig a Michelin Desert(DOT)up front. It is a directional tire. It's a bit expensive. This tire has really held up (I am on a second rear tire) and it is aggressive in tread design.

Hope this helps

Just wondering, what are you using for gears? my chain is the original i think and im running 13/48 so my axle is almost at the 3/4 mark on the swingarm. i wonder if i will be ok without removing the mudguard? No big deal if i have to though. i cant find any canadian dealers for the teraflex, anyone out there in Canada selling them? How about Saskatchewan? i just get stupid looks when i mention teraflex to my dealers around here. Thanks in advance, JR


I couldn't leave the mudguard on. I even tried pulling it back hard against the swingarm with stainless steel wire.

I did fashion a homemade mudguard out of a heavy plastic jug. Mounted it to the orginal mudguard mounting points at the top and then to a screw on the chain slider. The other bottom side is not secured. This pulls the new guard completely out the the wheel cavity and places it up on top of the swingarm just in front of the shock. I also have the Shock Sock for added protection.

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