00 yz426f, crankshaft from 01yz426?

Hey guys I'm new to this site but I need some quick help if anyone has any input,

I recently bought a 00 yz426f and I knew the motor was going to need rebuilt.

After digging deeper I found the main issue to why the motor at originally seized up, it was the main rod bearing

My main question is, will a crankshaft from an 01 yz426 fit in my motor without a year issues? I know I would have to change the main drive gear because I would need the gear to be splined, but I wasn't sure if anyone else has encountered this task? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Oh and the reason for changing crankshaft is they don't make the crankshaft for 00 anymore

Any help would be appreciated :)

It's a drop in, but it's the balancer drive gear that is keyed to the old crank instead of splined.  The main drive gears are the same.

Okay thanks for the reply, the only thing I would need to change is the balancer gear on the end of the crankshaft? That shouldn't be to difficult then!

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