Parts interchange. 08 yz250f to 09 yz450f

Hello, I have read TT from time to time but never posted . If I'm breaking forum rules I apologize. I can't find any general data on this particular question so I figured I'd attempt to tap the wealth of knowledge that is thumper talk.

I just bought an 09 yz450f and I have an 08 yz250f parts bike and I'm trying to figure out what to keep and what to EBay. Thanks in advance

The front wheel, brakes, sprockets, and some of the plastics are about it as far as parts interchange.  The forks and shock will interchange, but would need new springs and revalving. 

Thank you. How about the radiators? I'm guessing all the cables and controls are worth keeping. Nothing at all on the engine? Covers?

The radiators are probably smaller.  Some of the cables, perhaps.  The only thing on the engine that's the same is the oil filter cover and the spark plug. 

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