06 yz450 stalling

So I'm having some issues with my bike not running great. I had never had issues, always started up first or second kick and ran great. It sat in the garage for about a month or two and now it's having issues. The bike is taking a little more effort to start and once it starts, it wants to stall out. Could it possibly be an issue with a clogged jet? Could have been some extra fuel left in the line while it sat. Or could it possibly be something else?

Pull the pilot jet and replace it if it is corroded, and clean it if it is just munged up

Inspect the area for corrosion (green or brown). If you find any you will probably need to clear the passage above it too with fishing line and spray cleaner

Put in fresh gas

Adjust the fuel screw with a hot motor

Lower the idle, then turn the fuel screw out to raise the idle, if possible, then re adjust idle as needed.


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