removing coolant overflow

I have a 2000 WR 400 and want to take off the coolant resevoir under the back fender. Does anyone know how to do it, can you do it, or will the motor burn up? Thanks in advance. :)


I'm interested in the overflow set-up (cap to bottle). Brand new kits run $49. So if you are under that let me know.

The WR has a coolant overflow tank because it is more likely to be in a situation where overheating might occur, slow riding or tight trail with little to no air coming through the radiators. The YZ is a race machine designed for the lightest weight possible, the situation for overheating on a motocross track is not likely. I have come to the conclusion that most remove overflow tank to make their bike look less like a WR and more like a YZ. I race desert and if I was a pro the weight would be a concern but I am in the amateur class and the overflow tank has been very useful a couple of times.

The only reason its there is becuase of the possibility for the WR to be street legalized. The DOT requires that any vehicle licensed for the street must provide a reservoir for the anti-freeze, since they dont want animals going around licking up little puddles of coolant overflow.


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I took mine off a while back to shave some weight. I havent boiled my bike since the first ride out when I was hill climbing and still getting used to the bike. I've been turning it into an off-road/woods bike lately and realized that its a nice feature to have an overflow. Im putting it back on tonight. I agree with DesertChris, a lot of guys are buying after market overflow kits for their off road bikes. You should leave it on, you will be glad you did when you are days from the truck and boil your bike.

If you're doing it to try and save weight take a look around your mid section before you do anything. I just find it funny when people try to shave 12 oz of weight off there motorcycle when their carrying an extra 20 lbs (like me) around their waist. I mostly ride off ride with some track stuff thrown in to mix it up. The bike weighs what it weighs and and extra 5lbs one way or the other really is going to make that big a difference..

Just my .02

I agree with you in principle, but, since I seem to make a habit of picking up dirt bikes off the ground, I'd rather hoist a light one than a heavy one any day, no matter what I weighed. Plus I think things handle different when you have lighter bike, no matter your weight.

Depends on your riding. I took mine off and haven't had any trouble since. Just check your fluids before every ride like a good scout would anyway. The wieght isn't all that much but it is real high. I've noticed an improvement in handling in the trees and tight stuff. It's worth it to me. You can also put on the slimmer YZ-style side panels if you replace the silencer with an oval unit too.


I have a 01 that I bought used last year, and the overflow was removed off of it. The first couple of rides in the Colorado mountains through trees and hill climbs, I found myself looking for streams to ride through to cool the bike down. It was boiling over quite a bit. I since bought the parts and put it back to normal without anymore heating problems. So I guess a lot of your decision depends on your riding environment. Just my 2 cents worth :)

I think it also depends on what you use the bike for. When I first bought my 426 I had it set up for dual sport and used it on the bitumen as a commuter as well as on the dirt on weekends. I tried taking the overflow bottle off my bike and I discovered quite quickly the dangers of this when I got stuck in a bumper to bumper traffic jam. My bike boiled over so I had to shut it off....and when the traffic started moving I had to kick the beast over....and then when the traffic stopped again I had to shut it off (multiply this by about ten times until I finally got out of the traffic jam!). So when I got home I put the bottle right back on the bike. However, I now only use my bike for off road and have removed the coolant overflow again, now with no problems because i am always moving......

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