Lost power then died

I asked before but heres some more info.


I bought a second hand 2003 wr450 a few years ago for quite cheap, 5th gear didnt work and electric start slipped but otherwise all was well.


One day I was out riding and on my way home went through a big dip on the dirt road at speed and the bike just suddenly felt like it lost some power, as I was at speed I kept going for about 150 -200m to where I had to slow down to almost a stop and turn and go over the railroad track. It was at this point that the bike died and just did not want to start again, and I still had enough fuel.


I pushed it home and tried getting it to start but to no avail.


Any ideas what could be wrong, or what could have gone wrong going through the dip at speed?


I have spark, not sure how strong it should be, doesnt look very strong but its sparking. Couldnt really smell fuel as I was kickstarting for long time, looked into the back of carb couldnt see fuel when opening throttle, not sure if I should be able. Took out carb and gave it a clean, put it back and when I opened fuel it just came streaming out of one pipe that comes off carb.


I opened the carb again and turned the needle valve around (removed for cleaning earlier), then the fuel spil stopped, theres no fuel squirting out when I look into the back of the carb and also the hot start cable is broken off of the carb, not sure if this happened when I took of the carb but I see its covered in gasket maker and the thread is stripped, will this cause a no start?


Tried a new battery also, that didnt help.


Thats about all I checked and with my limited knowledge down know whats normal or not but would really appreciate some help. I live in a small town and the nearest yamaha dealer or bike shop is 500km away.


What I usually checked for on petrol carb car engines is that there is spark, fuel and compression. Then it should start, true? What else can I check?



Thanks for reading!

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