I'm confused... What to do?! YZ450F

Hi guys!

So, I own a YZ450F 07, o love this bike. It has a Akrapovic Evo Carbon Full exhaust and this bike rocks!!

But, my bike is 8 years old :( , motor remains untouched and is know asking for a rebuild. Still runs, and pulls freakin' hard, it's just a little bit noisy.

I advertised my bike for sale, and some guy , is willing to trade his YZ450F 2012, for mine. I have to give my bike, and 1000€.

I honestly think is a good deal but... Who would want to trade a 2012 FI for a 2007?

I'm afraid that if I accept the deal, I'll need to do a rebuild on the 12 450 either.

I'll leave a pic of my 07 and the 12.

Cheers ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1444070255.346507.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1444070317.683820.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1444070329.756011.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1444070339.287196.jpg

How many hrs on the '12? Check it over if you haven't already, and if it's not all beat up I'd say it's a pretty decent deal!

I'd trade in a heart beat even if it needed a rebuild

I don't really know how many hours on the 12.

Mine has a lot, lol, since 2007, never had a rebuild.

The owner says that I can drove to his house, and see the bike. 1.30h drive.

Bike seems really mint, but who would trade a 12' for a 07? ...

I'd trade in a heart beat even if it needed a rebuild

Even if it needed a rebuild? But I'll have to give mine + 1000€.

An 07 is worth about 2000 here, the 12 3500-4000 and it's fi

Here (Portugal, EU) 07 in mint condition goes for about 2500/2700.

12 bout 4500... Sometimes more.

I'll check the bike... Can someone give me some lights about what to check?

Chronic problems? What to look for?

I'll really appreciate.

Btw, hope you guys don't matter my grammar. But, I'm portuguese, and trying to speak fluent English:) thanks

I would definitely look at it. Looks pretty sweet


I got another deal...

Mine + 1500€, but this YZ is MINT. Blue, has a Akrapovic, and ...( don't know how to say it) is plated? I mean, it has documents.

Also, has a rebuilt motor with only 8H on it.

What do you guys think?

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IMO, the '07 is a better handling bike then the '12 generation... there's a reason these guys want to get away from their bike, bc they handle like crap.  rebuild your bike or get a '14 or newer.   You'll thank me later  :thumbsup:

Once set up correctly the 12 will turn circles around the 07.

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