07 wr450f brake pad pin

Hey people.  Hope someone can help.  Have 07 wr450 and front pads are very low.  I unscrewed the little flat-head screw to get to the caliper pin.  It has a hex head on it.  I used a 5mm allen key and it sliped and rounded off the inside.  When I put it in, it felt a bit loose.  I tried a 5.5mm allen key and it wouldn't fit.  Is it supposed to be a 5mm allen key or is it something else?

Cheers :)


Sounds like somebody stripped it out


First, squirt some PB Blaster in there to make the threads freed up,  once you get a bite on the fastener


You can use an easy out, or slot the allen head with  a dremel micro tip and use a straight screwdriver


It's not structural, so you might be able to just jam a straight blade screwdriver in there and loosen it up

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