Atlanta fight club

yeah I heard about it, but missed it.....Talk about wanting win "Badly".... :)

Bike Week on Speed Channel last night had perfect film footage of the incidents....I think Cobra was just going for it .... the championship that is. When Roncada rammed his bike into Davids, after the heat race that pissed him off...that is when the slapping took place.

Yes I was one of the lucky spectators to be at this great event. Vuileman and Roncada were battling pretty hard during the race but from my point of view (a pretty near perfect view) it looked intentional. Roncada had already come out of the turn and was headed straight, David decided to go short on the turn and ran straight into Roncada. That to me is not racing but on the other hand sometimes you have to do what you got to do. I myself would not have taken a line that nobody else was using so when Roncada got taken out I would have been mad as hell too. But that is just my 2 cents. The incident could be taken both ways, although in the end I probably would have done the same if I had gotten taken out when it was just a heat race. Oh well that's racing! LOL Still was great to be there and watch, What a show!! Frank

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