tire groovers

what is the best tire groover for supermoto, watts, blade sizes, etc.


Give "A&A" a call, they stock groovers, tips, blades, etc. Their number is 800-551-7755, ask for Rachelle, & tell her you need a grooving set for SuperMoto.

You can spend as little, or as much as you like...the hi-power output units that many Europeans use, are a lot less forgiving (you have to be 5% smarter than the groover, so that counts me out for the trick stuff).

Best of luck


The Van Alstine G-1000 Tire Groover is the state of the art in tire grooving equipment. The patented design and quality construction of the G-1000 make it the most accurate and easy to use tire groover you can buy. It has quickly become the tool of choice for grooving truck tires, race tires, and OTR tires. To quote one of our customers, “The G-1000 has taken tire grooving out of the Dark Ages.” Click on the image for more information.


No offense, but the White Brothers "soldering iron" will cut tires and cut-off the circulation in one of your hands. These things take alot of concentration and energy!

The Van Alstine we have for $329... but they are the CADILLAC of tire groovers!


Where can you get the Van Alstine model? Hutch

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