YZ426F Timing chain tensioner and top end rebuild.

I recently purchased a 01 YZ426F that was in great shape for $300, had the crank rebuilt and everything reassembled for $200 so I'm not to deep in to this thing. My question is do I need to purchase a new timing chain and timing chain tensioner when doing the top end rebuild? both are original. I've heard you have to do it every time you do a rebuild; but I've also heard that you almost never need to replace them? I'm trying to fix this bike up for as little as possible so if I do not need them that would save me quite a bit of money.

Overlooking the timing chain could be the most expensive $25 you'll ever save.  If it starts kinking and binding, it can take out the entire engine if the valve collision that results from skipping time should happen to occur at an inconvenient moment.  Replace both.

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