Clutch cable woes

I just bought my 2003 WR 450 about a month ago. And I've already went through 2 clutch cables. (Broken right at the handle)

** I was wondering if anybody had a picture of how the cable is supposed to be routed? **

I have a feeling that the previous owner routed the other one wrong that he put on and that I routed mine wrong following them so they both ended up breaking?

Also the cable keeps getting melted on the exhaust. So I'm thinking that it's not routed right. Thanks a lot!

I just replaced the cable on my 04...the same thing happened to broke right at the handle.  I am no expert repair guy but I did replace it myself...there is a clip on the frame on the right side that the cable should clip to so it doesn't get to the should route right up through, under the tank and then up through the rest of the way. Not sure if this helps or not.  I lubed the hell out of my new cable as well...

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I will take a closer look when I get home.,

What did you lube your cable with?

This time I ordered 2 cables cause the local Yamaha dealer doesn't stock them anymore. Lol

But they are replacing the one on warranty because it was only on for a week

I bought one of those Motion pro cable lubers and a can of their cable lube....took me a few minutes to get the hang of the darn thing...I had more lube on me at first. haha.  





remember the old myth and make sure you don't use wd40 as a lubricant. wd40 is a solvent so fine to use it to clean the cables. give it a couple of days to evaporate then flood the cable with any kind of oil. i've found normal engine oil works fine and injected with a syringe. what height handlebars do you have? my drz was running super tall handlebars when i bought it and this was causing  the acute  on the cable. replaced the cable and used lower handlebars. 12,00klms on and still going strong

Which clutch cable is the best? I dont want to do this twice a week :)

Ive read some good things about Motion Pro's cables, they have a few different grades - what is everyone running?

I Went with the basic motion pro black vinyl....lubed the heck out of it.... No issues so far

Motion pro

Order the longer version so you can route it as you please.

Motion pro

Order the longer version so you can route it as you please.

What is the best route for the cable? The stock route puts in right against the exhaust or the cylinder as it goes to the clutch actuating arm. 

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