On my 2000 WR I ran a 52 tooth rear with stock length chain to shorten the wheal base and add torque. On my 04 WR450 I figured the extra 50cc will be enough extra grunt not to need the gearing change. I was reading a review on the WR's in Dirt Rider and they recommended changing the gearing to a 52 in the rear. What do you guys think? I run hairscrambles in tight east coast woods so I like the low end grunt. I have not had enough seat time on the new ride to feel all this stuff out yet.

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I run mostly desert out west here. With the YZ cam in the bike I ended up going to a 48 rear and it pulls that all the way to rev limiter with no problem. I know this isn't the kind of riding you have back east but I thought I'd just throw out another perspective. I can't imagine it needing a 52 unless your riding in really slow technical stuff.

i went to a 51 on my '03. i think it was a win win for me. i used the stock chain so it pulled the axle all the way up in the swing arm which tightened up the steering a bit. add that to raising the fork tubes in the clamps and you'll notice an improvement. i think it also smoothed out what i felt was a bit of a gap between second and third gear. i bought a cheap steel JT sprocket from my dealer for around $20.

On my 04 WR450 I figured the extra 50cc will be enough extra grunt not to need the gearing change.

You may want to keep in mind that the primary is different between the two, this difference is worth about 3 teeth out back. That is, a WR 450 w/ 14/52 would be equivalent to a WR 426 w/ 14/49. The internal ratios are the same.

Hope this helps.

I'm with hick. I tried running a 13-50 combo and while the throttle response and accelleration was phenominal, the 1-2-3 were too close together.

I'm going to run a 14-52 combo, It will widen 1-2-3 compared to 13-50 gearing, but will tighten up 3-4-5, compared to stock 14-50, which I find will lug the engine down in really deep wet loam and muskeg.

I found that the 13-50 gearing was great for mx too.

Just used 3-4 gears.

I think the 14-52 combo will be the best comprmise for throttle response, top end speed, and mx use.

Also I found the 14-50 gearing too tall to pull 5th gear much over 6000 rpm in 5th.

She was really lugging down in 5th gear in 8"of snow, especially triing to overcome the heft and tire hight of the studded trelli's I run in winter.

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