is 06 first year of new design?

Last year I rode a 06 crf450r and it was fun. I ride alot of deep sand and noticed 90% of peeps riding with me are on yz450f.. 


I have a 2012 wr250r uncorked with pipe and programmer and love it, I am sold on Yamaha from now on.


I found a super clean senior ridden 06 yz450f for $2600, just want to know if it has the newer suspension vs the 05


someone told me its the "sss type" ???


Yes 06+ YZ and YZf have the SSS suspension

Yes, kind of

The '07+ is a better bike

Buy it

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The 07-09 had slightly revised frame geometry, I'd be more inclined to buy one of those but if the 06 is low hour and maintained well it would be a good buy.

The 06 power plant is really comparable if not hard to beat even in the newer bikes. Sounds a little steep at $26 where I live unless can prove pristine. Maybe 22-24

All used bikes are vet owned , always garaged, never raced, "maintained" if you weren't aware yet. It's a gamble on any used bike.

Take a good look at him and his house to see if your trust him servicing the bike regularly.

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