Calipers in 98-99 yzf400

Hi I'm new to the site and also new to 4 strokes. Just got my self a 99 yzf400 with a 426 head on it. It also came with a spare frame and bits and bobs. It needs some work and while stripping the back brakes down for fresh pads I noticed the caliper was different from the spare I have on the other frame. I was wondering if they used different brake setup on the back for the 98-99? Or is it possible I have a 426 frame from 00-02?

Only difference i know is the the diameter of the axle hole in the rear brake setup is 20mm and the brake disc is smaller on the 98 400

I'm really confused then! If you can see my pictures the cleaner one is what j have on the bike now and the dirty one is the one that came with the spare frame.



Try putting the axle through the other and see if there's a size difference

Only problem is I don't have the rear wheel or axle from the spare frame I just have the caliper. I don't know if this helps but this is the 2 different pad styles. I guess it doesn't make too much difference as long as parts are still interchangeable.



Not to sure on pads sorry

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