2007 wr 450

I hit starter button and get one click from relay. sometimes it starts on second push and sometimes it takes a few tries. Starts strong and it's a new battery. I had found wires loose on relay under seat a while ago. Should I check voltage when I hit button?

If it just clicks check for 12.7-13 volts at the battery. Then you can check for the same voltage at the starter bolt. If it has good voltage and the starter doesn't move its usually the starter.

Ok I'll check it out. I'm going to jump the relay also and check grounds. Thank you!

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The WR has a 'issue' sometime of not starting if at top dead center.

Usually you just try a couple times till it gets over the hump, and it starts.

Well that's what I thought it was at first and maybe it is?but it has done that one time to me and I couldn't kick it over but now when I get the single click I can kick it over easily.

Update. I installed a new relay and has been working good for past few weeks.

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