Im sorry ( DR. D bulk buy)

Im sorry I started all this crap now. Having read some of the posts, its seems everybody has lost some perspective on the whole "getting a deal" angle. Science had a great point in a different thread about production costs. I made a point about "custom production" in which I have vast experience from my 13 year junket with Hughes Aircraft, in which, everything was custom production. If yamaha is truley on top of it, the 03 will have the hot start on the throttle side stock. IF so then you can just go to the dealer and retro fit the thing with cheap yamaha parts. If not, oh well.

Shawn MC-

You should not feel bad about the topic you started. It was great idea and being a consumer also, I would have though about it as well.

I posted on the topic of "Bulk Buy" about my feelings on this topic and why I can not do anything with it. I would love to but I just cannot do anything.

I did offer the 10% off that I always offer TT members and I also agreed to free shipping for the hot start.

If you have any questions for me you can email me at

Thanks for your support of our products,

Gina Dubach

I for one, will buy a Dr. D pipe with some tax return cash! Thanks for the support Gina, I have followed Doug's career since I started racing MX back in 1995, and I see he can still ride like the wind. Tell him us TT'ers said HI!

Gina rocks!! I love my Hot-start!! It's my favorite aftermarket part on my scoot. Thanks

Hey Gina, Just between me and you, will you ask Dougie what the new bikes are gonna be like? I promise I wont tell anybody.

DL :)


Wasn't your fault. We all have got it in us.

thee old me me me me me syndrome. Take Take

Take Take!!!!! Everybody's gotta eat.

Winder tillshe stinks!!!!

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