Got rear brake fade need opinions

Hey guys, I have an issue with my rear brake, or more so my riding style I'm sure but I've tried and tried to change how I ride but it hasn't worked. Harescramble racer here and I use ALOT of rear brake when I'm riding hard and about lap into riding hard(5miles or so) my rear brake fades out to eventually almost nothing at all, and by the end of every race my rotor is blue. Anybody have any ideas on what I can do to remedy this, I've considered an oversized rotor, but not sure if the giant cost is worth something that will MAYBE help, I'm considering trying some stainless braided lines, any idea if an oversized rotor kit will help or have any other ideas?

higher grade brake fluid maybe?

Dirt triks solid rotor

600+ degree fluid

EBC Carbon-X pads

So, when your brake has "faded", do you still have resistance at the pedal, or does it act mushy, as if it needs bleeding? 

I'm a rear brake abuser as well. Blue rotor, boiled fluid and the whole deal. The only thing that has helped me is lowering my brake pedal and the red ebc pads. Of course old fluid boils quicker. I've tried the pads with the big heat sink built in and they didn't help. Plus they only lasted for 1.5 rides befor I was down to metal.

On some bikes I've also taken off the plastic rotor guard although I'm not sure if it really helps. Probably a good idea to start your races with a new set of pads. Use the half worn ones for trail rides. If I boil my fluid I stop and run water out of my camelback onto the caliper for 15 seconds or so ( boils on contact). Red ebc pads helped the most out of all of the things I've tried.

When it fades there is very little resistance on the pedal, or atleast from what I can tell, My leg is usually pretty tired by the time it's starts fading, so it's a little hard to tell how much there is. All I really know is that if I keep using it a lot it quickly ends up with NO rear brakes, if I take it easy on it and start using my front brake more for a few minutes it starts to come back, but those couple of minutes I gotta take it easy always seems to come at the worst time when I'm battling with someone which makes sense because that's when I start riding harder. I will definitely try changing the fluid and pads and see what that does for me

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That sounds like water contaminated fluid.  The problem is that brake fluid has an affinity for water and will draw it out of the air if it can ("hygroscopic").  When the absorbed water boils at 212, it turns to gas (steam), and the effect is the same as having air in the lines.  A simple flush may solve your problem.  The pads should probably be replaced because they've been heated that much that often.   

Cool, thanks gray! I'll get on it as soon as I can get some hi temp fluid!

This may seem obvious, but my buddy had the same issue on his 426. It turned out his lever return spring was missing.

That brake has got to be dragging, which could be a result of contaminated fluid as well.  The kind of duty cycle required to discolor the rotor is impossible under normal conditions.

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