Can't get cam chain on cam gears, slack

Put top end on my wr426, everything seems good at crank gear, I rotated engine and chain moved free so not bound down there. I can put 1 cam gear on the teeth but not enough slack to put on other gear.. Cam tensioner is out. Tried being in center and rotating on chain till they go in their seat at same time?..

Can that plastic guide on rear side get out of place and take up slack,, it pivots fine like nothing g wrong.

Seems like the plastic chain guide on the adjuster side still puts some dog leg in chain even with adjuster out. Is this normal ? YouTube videos show the guy having plenty of slack with adjuster out.

I got it on, but tight enough with no cam tensioner that I question it. Cams are about 1mm off fron seating in the machined land opposite of gear. I can easily push them to seat, just seems tight. This is same chain I had, not new.

Fixed, chain was bound. Got it on and turned a few times and pop, slack.. loosed and re timed, all set.

Hey man. What was the chain bound on? Having the exact same problem and it's just pissing me off now

It ended up being chain double looped by a like down deep behind that little gear on crank. I scarry stretched it on, then bolted and then slowly pressed kick lever and ,, powwww, loosened. It was kinked under down deep behind the gear where I could not see.

Yeah cool. But you could still crank it round right? I'll have to pull the stator cover off I think

What, stator,, nothing to do with it.

The chain is folded where you can't see.

Ok fixed, the front slider somehow got forced down between the cam chain gear and the crankcase on the inside, behind the stator. Had to take the head off and move the slide. Lol what a pain in the arse!

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