There are times when the free mods are enough....

For all those other times....


My 95mm piston was backordered and I need something for top end boost to keep up with the sleds. :D:)

It would be fun, but I'd feel like I was riding with an armed grenade onboard! Can you imagine bursting one in a crash?

After reading the specs I decided not to run it in the cross country race. I'm definitely going to come off at least once and don't feel like being a roman candle. Also the can has to be maintained between 75-80 degrees and that's not gonna happen up here, and I have to install an electric fuel pump to fog in gas with the NOS. I would run it in the ice drags here though, not much chance of falling down in a straight line.


I put a NOS Cheater kit on my small block Chevy and it was like having a switch labeled: "Small Block/Big Block"! Had to beef up the tranny after 3 runs...


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