Baja Designs XL

It says it is compatible

I personally own this light on my '14. No mods needed. It's an amazing light. I'm actually selling my light, going a different direction on my WR. message me if interested.

Anyone ever use this light on their WR?

It says it may need a stator that really the case?

Is it an easy plug and play like they say?

It should not be an issue as it's only 40 watts.  I have a 60 watt led desert light on my '12 and it drives it with no issues.  Not sure what year your bike is, but if it is a pre-'12 you have ac for your headlight which is no bueno for led.  If that's the case you will need to upgrade your stator and hook up directly from the battery. 

Mines a '15.

Mines a '15.

Plug and play then my friend!

I've been eying that light for my 15'. Easy install?

Anyone have some pics of it installed on the bike and how bright it is? Can't find any other photos via Google search other then the crapoy stock photo shown on the website.

I still have mine for sale in classifieds, pm me if interested. I think I have a pic too. Let me check.

Here is what I'm using.  Best light I have ever used in the desert and I've used a bunch.  7" 60w led, comes in spot, flood, or driving beam patterns.  A whopping $63 each right now if you buy them in pairs (there may be some deals on singles out there, I don't know).  I use a Baja Designs mount that was made to mount a pair of 4" lights to a motorcycle, but forget what they called it.  Two wires from the battery with an inline switch and it's done.  It's a little heavy at around 4 lbs, but puts out some sweet light in the desert.  I currently have used the spot, but am now swapping over to the driving beam pattern because I like to do slower more technical stuff. 



ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1444970018.185888.jpg

Here's an actual beam shot. Not the best quality, but you can easily see the brightness.

For what its worth, Baja is one of the best companies I have dealt with as far as support and everything else

Nice folks

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