Top mount Scotts stabilizer - what bar mounts?

What bar mounts do you guys run with a top mount Scotts set up?  The stock WR bar mounts are 1-1/4" (from triple clamp to bottom of bar) and the stabilizer arm ends up being about 1/4" too high above the frame mount.  The YZ250 has 1" mounts and it works great on there.  Weird that it doesn't fit...the frame mount is on correctly, but either the post needs to be longer, or the bar mounts need to be shorter.  Anybody run into this issue?


This is what I was looking at:

but it says they're not compatible with Yamaha or Suzuki - seems strange because they look like they'd work.

You can get longer pins to reach your stabilizer

Thanks, I'll Scotts on Tuesday.

There is the 'above' and the 'sub' mount

One mounts above the crossbar and makes it easy to get to the knobs

The sub mount makes it harder to fiddle with the knobs, but propects it a bit better in case you do a major endo

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