carb probs

looking for some help w/ my WR426 02. I live in Moab UT and do the majority of my riding here. My bike recently is not performing at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle especially @ track conditions or when instant power is needed. After reading my manual and following instructions for jet needle adjustment, I have moved the clip to both richer and leaner positions. When clip was moved up from factory setting problem seemed worse especially exiting a corner bike was cutting and popping? When setting was moved down to richen, my bike ran like a raped ape power was consistant throught entire throttle range,(stoked) then 10 min later of hammering my bike instantly went to [@#$%&*!]. My bike started to sputter and pop major backfires, did not want to stay running, finally stalling. Got home pulled the plug soaked. What is going on here? Carb is off and apart looking for some help please? I am also about to install T handle fuel screw. Any sugestions or comments about this?

Welcome aboard AKSmithers--it's your bro, the Bandit! Nice to finally have my Moab connection on TT! I'm of no help with your woes, just wanted to say, "Yo!, what is up?" :)

Also wondering, what is the temperature / altitude you are experiencing this at?

This may sound silly, but could it be a bad batch of gas? I had a similar problem. Tried every carb main jet available and there was no consistency when riding. Went back to the original setting I had in the first place and changed the gas and that was it. My problem was especially bad 1/4-3/4 throttle.

Check to make sure you dont have a bunch of debris in the tank and carb bowl. these small pieces of sediment can get stuck in the float valve and flood the motor with fuel. Hope that helps.

10-4 back door...... Carb is torn apart,cleaned,and returned to factory settings. I have also drained gas tank and starting from scratch. Hope this works. Thanks for the support. :)

You may want to check your gas tank vent, it sort of sounds like the bike was starving for fuel.

You may want to check your gas tank vent, it sort of sounds like the bike was starving for fuel.

Ditto Hick! I had that happen to my son's XR80. We cleaned the carb twice & readjusted b-4 I found a clogged swivel on his gas tank vent hose :).

Smoke :D

Also make sure the bleed jet for the accelerator pump is clean. It's mounted in the bottom of the float bowl.

Doubt it was starving for fuel if the plug was found wet and fouled.Also check the accelerator pump timing and duration-aka BK mod can be found here somewhere.

Also make sure you havwe a good spark. Get a friend to hold onto the plug while its inserted in the wire while you kick it over :)-HA HA - no seriously ground it against the engine to check for good strong blue spark.

Could unscrew the cap from the wire and cut 1/4 inch off the wire then screw cap back on. Sometimes the wire corrodes right at the end . :D

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