Good radiator braces for 15/16 yz450

Anybody got any good brace testimonials? Lol. Ive already crunched one of my radiators on my month old 16. :( ive been telling myself to get braces but waited a little too late. I straightened it out somewhat and now wanna brace them. The gytr braces look pretty strong, but I can get the works connection alot cheaper. Also considering the wrap around braces or even new radiators that are reinforced.

I've used Devol braces on my last few bikes including my current '14. They're very strong and great quality. By far the best ones I've been able to find.

The Unibiker braces have held up very well for me.

second unibiker.

       Bullet proof designes. 3 crashes. 2 of them serious (jump landing fail) One was a 90 foot jump slightly cased it , bounced to the landing then whiskey throttled the bike out from under me. go pro shows the bike sliding on its side off the side of the track  ( I was right behind it). Sill getting use to the 450 from a 250.  Have not crashed my 250 ( have layed it down in corners) in 4 years. Crashed my nice new 2014 yz450f with 10 hours three times already. What a learning curve its been.  I  do have to say that laying your bike down in a rutted corner may do more damage to a radiator than a big crash. I can see that the plastic took a good hit but it didn't budge the radiator.The second crash I filled the shroud up with dirt real good so I know it took a hit. Get good ones.uni biker looks good. I think I had devols on my 250 they worked good I had to straighten them a couple times. BPD just look stronger. There is a you tube video of the BPDesigns, the guy is on a gasgas he literally smacks a rock  directly to the radiator. Pricey- but saves the weekend trip.  lifetime original owner warranty.     PS; two crashes with go pro mounted on the side of my helmet. I am not mounting it on the side any more (even though I like the view better). It twists your head when it hits.  and  makes  the impact area  the size of the go pro instead of spreading it out. I don't think I would have felt the impact as much if the gopro wasn't there. Broke two mounts. 6d helmet -no headaches.     

The enduro engineering are beefy, but they add a fair amount of width to the shrouds. Those unabiker braces look pretty cool, plus they have the rearward brace that the EE and most others do not.

Unabiker braces are bomb proof, I've ran them on three different bikes now. I've had a few wrecks high siding the bike on a hill climb and it lands right on its side hard, I figure I'll be replacing a rad but the braces hold up. You can get a fancy anodized color as well lol. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1445177503.100749.jpg

I've got enduro engineering on my '11.  They are solid and have had their fair share of dirt naps.  The guards are still straight.  They will add a little bit of width to the shroud area, but the '10 and on YZ's are some chunky monkey's in that area of the cockpit anyways so what's an extra little girth.  

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