Poison Spider Moab Pic/Vid

Hey y'all;

I posted these on the WR side, and figured I'd post them over here so our brothers on the YZ side could post some wild pic's if they have them :) !

For those of us lucky enough to get to ride the lovely landscapes of Moab, how about seeing some of our crazier pictures. This has just been sitting on my desktop since Thanksgiving, and I guess I'd like to share it with y'all. Has anyone else ever tried the line over the arch on Poison Spider?? Besides the scary factor, the line is no big deal, as long as you don't mind 800ft drop to one side, and 60ft to the other !!

The link at the bottom show's my buddy Ed riding the line, not sure I would have even thought about trying the line without seeing Ed ripping it himself. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, right click the link and save it to your PC to view it, I am running on limited bandwidth, and cannot handle much for streaming. Enjoy :D !

Poison Spider Arch Video



OMG...that's just....insane looking! Hmm..I am no wuss, I won't be afraid to jump big ass 120ft leaps on an MX track, but that mountain is just outside my experience! OMG again.... :)

*would look down, hug bike for dear life and cry :) *

Moab is incredible. I have been going 2x a year for years. If you want to go someplace completely different, this is it!

BTW, the traction on the rock is amazing. You won't believe the angle of the hills you can climb.

Every dirt or mountain biker needs to make this pilgimage once in their lives!

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