Btw, after I installed a aftermarket exhaust, bike was popping in deceleration, so I used this map and the decel-pop was gone. attachicon.gifImageUploadedByThumper Talk1445610699.630979.jpg

my experience is go the other way with the fuel. I think the 14 was super fat and was a dog down low. Started taking fuel from lower rpm and throttle opening and the bike is night and day stronger.

Hey guys I have a question MXA suggest advancing the time to get more out of your bike, now if you were to add a full exhaust you would keep the timing advanced and just play with the fuel? Thanks in advance

Be methodical.  Set one parameter, note the results.  Change the other, note the results. Then change the first one back, and so on.  Only by making one change at a time will you be able to learn what each change does.  As you develop a better feel for cause and effect, you'll be able to make multiple changes at once and get reasonably close to the results you want. 

I ran the above map which ironically is close to the map gytr recommends for hard hit stock exhaust. I like it better, has some more pull off the bottom and keeps making power like a 450 should. Stock map felt lazy to me, this certainly helped. I may opt for a 49T rear to close the gap between 2nd and 3rd.

I live in New England, almout sea level

I race Mx.

Bike is completely stock

2016 450f

Fuel all 0



+2 +3 +3

+2 +3 +3

+2 +2 +2


Easy to roll out of corners and fast enough for Pro´s.

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