Barnacross is HERE!!!

Attention All Northern Il. riders! The indoor Barnacross track is partly finished. We are having some fun-unofficial racing in a week. If you live in the Woodstock area of Illinois, E-mail me at Only people with TTR's and small 4 strokes can ride. It aint Pro Source but it's a start. The track currently has 2 levels with one more on the way. Let me Know!!!!!--- Joe

Pro source????

Pro Source is in Tecumseh Mi. We are in Woodstock. For info on racing indoors in Mi. check out

i know, i go there all the time, its about 20 miles away hehe! :) I was just wondering if it was the same pro source, man, thats quite the drive for you!


I am in Crystal Lake. I gotta see this.... As anyone from around here knows, any place to ride in the winter is a cool place.

I sent you an email.

See ya


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