yz 450 FBL VS FBW



I am trying to buy parts for an YZ 450 F 2012  that was bought outside of  the USA.


When you go to partzilla.com you have the choice between parts for the YZ 450 FBL  or the FBW.


When i looked at the bike manual , it says it is an YZ 450 FB, but it does not says if the third letter  is an L or W.


H0w do i know which parts to buy? Should i choose parts for the FBL or   the FBW?  I have given my VIN to a partzilla agent, but they could not figure it out as it is not a model bought in the USA.



Thank you for any suggestions.

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F= Four-stroke

B= 2012 

W= White

L= Blue


They couldn't figure that out, eh? 

ah ok thank you


 W for white makes sense, do you know by any chance why they chose L for Blue?

No idea, but it's a prevalent thing.  "L" is used instead of "B" for blue in wiring schematics, also ("B" is for black).  So you might see a line labeled "LB", which means blue with a black stripe. 

What do they call a light blue wire? Coming from a car back ground they need many more colors and combinations.

They call it "Sb" ("Sky blue").


I didn't make it up.   :excuseme:


Ever seen the wiring harness on, oh, let's say a B52?  2 1/2" conduits packed with 16-20 gauge wire, all of it white.  

That makes sense

Old motorhomes all red wires stapled behind glued on cheap paneling, now I remember.

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