rear wheel

Does anyone know of a complete rear wheel out there that isn't gonna cost me a left nut? I am just trying to find a rear wheel to put my paddle tire on. It doesn't have to be some super trick,light weight, super go fast wheel. The factory wheel would work but you know dealer want my 1st born for a brake lever. Swapping tires back and forth just gets old real fast. If anyone can help it would be very appreciated. Thanks my thumpin brothers

Hey, man do i know what you are talking about! $400+ for a new wheel is ridiculous. But try going to a motorcycle salvage, im sure they would have a wheel to fit.

If there are none around you, check the local Cycle Trader. Some people will say they have an extra tire in their ad that goes with the bike. Offer them like $100... they are usually more than happy to get rid of something they were just going to give away anyway. That's how i got an extra setup.

Third.. check . Always all kinds of parts on there.

You sound pretty dumb calling the bike's owner and inquiring about the tire, hehe ... but hey, it'll save ya $300. :)

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