Thumper Utah Chapter

MOAB Calling on the 26th and 27th of March.... Roll call :)

I give up... :)

I give up... :)

Me too!

See y'all in Moab!

I'd really like to go!!!! I would just need to take thursday and friday off work. Hopefully I can make that happen. Will it all be off road riding?

... Will it all be off road riding?

Nope Yamaha Riding :):D :D

... Will it all be off road riding?

Nope Yamaha Riding :D :D :D


No Chris, it's going to be mostly off-road riding with a

hint of dual-sport riding... :D

we will have a big group out there!

Could be a good sized group. I have a group going down the same weekend (27 people bikes and wheelers), we were suppose to go this weekend but the snow stopped us. We have rescheduled for the 26th and 27th. I do know a couple from Idaho and a few from Utah are counting on this same weekend. I would like to catch up with everyone at some time and do a loop.

I know that there are some TT members that set up a big ride in Cali and I thought that it may be good to start thinking of a Mountain States Ride that could rotate Utah Colorado and Idaho, not necessarily in that order.

Would be fun...

PEDMAN, you copycat! :D

Actually, it'd be fun to hook up with you guys for a ride. :)

Contact ddialogue as the time gets closer.


Well.... if there are more than a few miles of on-road riding, then I can't go. No plate for me yet.


We generally just ride out of town from our hotel. MUCH easier than trailering everywhere we go. There are several rides where we connect with pavement. You could definitely go with our group but you'd need two people and you'd need to shuttle vehicles. However, in Pedman's group, he mentioned that they've got 26 bikes/atv's that are going so, you'd be limited in where you could ride (because of the atv's) and it would be a much slower pace but you wouldn't have any pavement sections. We plan to hook up with Bill sometime during the trip, too. Either way, Moab is something you need to experience on a dirt bike. It's absolutely amazing! It's your call my friend. :)

You've still got three weeks to pay the sales tax and get her road prepped. :D :D :D

...No plate for me yet.

As Nike would say, "Just DO it!"

We are cave men and we dont shower ever we like to camp under tarps and eat bushes. Seriously I have no idea where we will be or where we will be camped and when. if you see a xr650r with 627 on the number plate thats me Im nice and I do shower :D:)

Count me in. But I would have to ride in a group without the ATVs (sorry, pace too slow; terrain limited). Let me know who here is going on two-wheels and I'm checking my schedule. I should be able to do it (95%) sure................db

MOAB Calling on the 26th and 27th of March.... Roll call :)

So is this still on? I just got my schedule and I can make it. Details please?

Yes, this is still on...Details to come :)

I'm tired of this freakin' cold weather. :)

Bring on Moab!!

rabbut valley tomorrow!!

Yes, this is still on...Details to come :)

Thanks, I'll be waiting.

Hey R1,

Don't wait to long to make your reservations...

That's the weekend after Utah's spring break, whew!

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